Born 2 Win Fitness was inspired by the idea of positively affecting lives in and out of the gym. From helping friends lose weight to teaching them confidence through the use of self-defense, we realized that the public can greatly benefit from the skills and teachings we have to offer. Specializing in strength training, boxing, and mixed martial arts, we want to provide a one-stop shop for clients to experience the best of all worlds under one roof. Turning our experience into a teachable art, we aim to build a community of individuals who transform their lives for the better and influence others to do the same through our unique form of physical fitness. 


Samuel Alicea

Originally from Puerto Rico, Sam grew up a fan of the sport of boxing. His fitness journey to lose weight and get fit brought him into the world of boxing/kickbox fitness. On this journey Sam lost 45lbs and eventually trained to compete in a sanctioned boxing match, which he won! His boxing name is 'Sam the Man.' Sam will always consider himself a student of the sport of boxing. He continues learning new techniques and strategies that help him become a better trainer for the members. 

Cameron Thompson

Cameron's self transformation into the gym has allowed him to develop his own style of strength training which has already helped countless people take their fitness journey to the next level. Having a deep understanding of body mechanics, Cameron has already helped many clients lose weight quickly and efficiently. On top of weight loss, his strength training has helped customers and other personal trainers alike gain better results than traditional personal training. Cameron has a good understanding of how and when to push people for them to develop their inner strength, which is a quality that traditional personal trainers lack.